Hello, and welcome to NZnetwork.
We are an exclusively New Zealand gaming community running several Minecraft servers.

NZnetwork Highlights
- We are all New Zealand based gamers (International players are restricted).
- We aim to be the best New Zealand server for each of the games we host.
- We own all of our hardware, and do not rely on user donations.
- We have our main server located in the Vocus datacentre in Auckland.
- We have a helpful and friendly core group of players.
- We strive to provide excellent support to any player in need. Simply contact us.
- We will never remove any player's content (unless that user breaks rules).
- We have been successfully hosting several servers since 2010, and don't plan on stopping.
- We maintain clean and respectable chat across all servers.
- We do not tolerate griefing, and have measures in place to quickly restore any damage.
- NZnetwork's team comprises of experienced programmers and network technicians.

For more information, or to contact the NZnetwork team, see the contacts page, or ask a question in the forums.

We hope to see you online soon.

Happy gaming,
The NZnetwork team.