If you are looking for a large, entertaining, and well managed Minecraft server, you have come to the right place.

NZnetwork has been running Minecraft since mid-2010, making us one of the longest running servers in the world.
We host Minecraft from our project servers, so the overall speeds are excellent.
We have had near 100% uptime, and have attracted a great community that are always welcoming towards new players.

Server Details
You can connect to any of our Minecraft servers using the details below.
Remember to [Signup] first, and confirm the automatic email for instant activation.

Main server: minecraft.nznetwork.co.nz
This is where the majority of the action happens.
This server includes a Survival, Creative and Skylands world.

Hardcore server: minecraft.nznetwork.co.nz:25555
Not for the weak-willed or faint-hearted.
This server has little support, and is rife with looting, PvP, and often ruthless gameplay.

Minigames server: nznetwork.co.nz:25577
Includes games like Paintball, TNTrun, Capture the flag, One in the chamber, Spleef, CrystalQuest,
command block games, Parkour maps, and more!   Visit the [Minigames website] for more info.

Event server: nznetwork.co.nz:25566 (Currently offline)
Here is where we run any special events like a Zombie Apocalypse, or Capture the Flag.
Keep an eye out in the forums for details of upcoming events.

Archive server: nznetwork.co.nz:25568 (Currently offline)
The archive server is where we hide all of the old maps.
You can’t play in an archived map, but you can still show off builds after a map becomes unused.

If you have any trouble connecting or registering, [contact us] or post on the [forums].