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All Servers:

  • • Be nice; swearing, racism, bigotry, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited.
  • • Do not argue with other players/staff in chat. If you have a problem then send a private message.
  • • Chat is to be kept to a PG rating at all times.
  • • Do not advertise in game or on the website.
  • • Game exploitation modification and alteration is strictly prohibited without prior approval.
  • • Spam[1] is prohibited

All Servers (Excluding Hardcore):

  • • Do not grief[2] anything man made or near a man-made creation, if unsure don't do it or build somewhere else.
  • • No looting from chests, use the warehouse or gather your own items.
  • • No PVP without prior agreement.

Hardcore Server:

  • • PVP, looting and griefing is allowed.
  • • No spawn camping at the server spawn or outposts (Waiting to kill players).
  • • Do not ask Staff for anything

Reference Notes:

[1] Spam: Repeat comments of a similar nature or covering a similar topic.
[2] Grief: Alteration of a man made item or terrain near a man made item.

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